A Modern Joshua Tree Wedding Planned In Three Months


Many people believe that timing is everything when it comes to love. Sage and Theodore Soulopulos’ love story shows that strong connections can overcome all obstacles, including time. Sage explains that Teddy and I met in September 2014. He was just entering his senior year at college. Sage explains that they had just ended long-term relationships and were “sewing their wild oats” together. We were not looking for serious relationships, but our chemistry was immediate and we couldn’t deny it.

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Five years later, Teddy proposed to his wife during a weekend trip to Yosemite National Park. His brother Mike works with companies to capture their products in the natural world. She says that the ‘excuse” behind this trip was Mike’s need to find content for his blanket company. Mike suggested another spot just as I was about to give up on the day. We found a spot overlooking Half Dome and were the only people there. Mike suggested that Teddy take a few photos with me and the blanket. As I realized this was it, my heart was racing.

Three-day celebration in Florence

The couple originally planned to have a three-day celebration in Florence, Italy on September 29, 2020. The looming pandemic put a wrench in their plans. Their strong bond lasted, much like their beginning. Sage and Teddy cancelled their Italian wedding and booked Invisible House Joshua Tree for January 23, 2021, three months before the celebrations were due to take place.

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The bride says, “I wanted something that wouldn’t hold us down to traditional contract.” We knew we had big shoes and wanted to do something special when we moved from Italy to California. The vision started to form in my head when I began looking at the photos more. I knew that I could transform this space.

How did they transform a rental house into their dream venue within a month?

For a more intimate view of the day, read this article. It was coordinated by Aubrey Huffman from Details Darling and photographed in Sydney Noelle Photography.

The bride describes the house as “invisible” because it blends into the background, it is fully mirrored. The desert reflections on the glass windows can be seen during the day. At night, the lights reflect off the walls. It is very long and looks like a skyscraper falling on its side. There are three bedrooms and a pool measuring 100 feet in length.

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The bride used her DIY skills to design the save the dates, invitations and menus for the event. She shares, “I found a picture of watercolor invitations online and knew that I wanted to recreate this.” This was the most difficult part of the wedding, but it was so worth it. This was my favorite detail of the wedding. Each one was unique and different, and I will treasure them forever.” Sage says that each invitation was finished using a silk ribbon, vintage stamps and a wax seal.

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Sage, a former hair stylist and owner of Style Lounge in San Diego, opted for soft curls with natural makeup. She shares that she works in the beauty industry and is used to wearing lots of makeup, lashes [and so forth]. I wanted to be myself for this day. I wanted to look elegant and timeless, not painted. Sage preened with her inner circle, before she slipped into her Galia Lahav wedding gown.