There are many choices when it comes choosing a wedding cake. This isn’t your typical “chocolate or vanilla” choice. There are many options for wedding cakes, including different flavors, frosting types and colors as well as shapes, colors and decorations. There are many options available for you to create a unique and delicious wedding cake. Take a look at our top trends for inspiration.

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Your wedding theme should match the look of your cake. We recommend that you plan the design of your cake once your wedding theme is set. This will ensure that your cake is in harmony with the overall theme you are trying to keep. It will also allow you to spend more time thinking about flavor.

These elements can be used as a guideline for the design and structure to your wedding cake. You should choose a cake that is compatible with your venue’s style, season, flower arrangements, and the menu.

To match our theme, consider adding unique decorations to your cake. Do you want an industrial feel? Copper piping is a great choice, as shown in the featured photo. Are you looking for a tropical theme? You can add tropical flowers, banana palms or pineapple slices. Ask your baker for the most creative or original thing they have done. They’ll love a fun twist on it!

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Naked cakes are very popular, especially for rustic weddings. Naked cakes are less sweet than standard cakes, making them a great choice for couples with a limited sweet tooth.


Is it buttercream or fondant? This is the key question. Buttercream is more flavorful, but fondant looks great.

Cream cheese is a strong contender. Cream cheese frosting, which is more savory than cream cheese, pairs well with many cake flavors including red velvet and spiced cakes like carrot cake. Cream cheese can be flavored with citrus flavors like lemon or orange to enhance the flavor of your cake.

Ganache is also available. This rich frosting made of cream and chocolate can be transformed into a fluffy, decadent dessert. It can be made dark brown, but you can ask the baker to add colorful fruit. Ask for white chocolate versions, which can be dyed in almost any shade.

Whipping cream with a touch of sweetness: Whipped cream is another popular choice for couples looking for light frosting that has just a hint sweetness. Whipped cream frosting is great for weddings that are indoors, in cool climates, and for weddings that are air-conditioned.

Swiss meringue is a less-known alternative. It’s made by whisking egg whites with sugar. This icing is less popular for wedding cakes, but it can be used as an additional perk. It has a soft and fluffy appearance that makes it romantic and whimsical. It’s also a great choice for fruit-based cakes, such as strawberry, raspberry, and lemon.


Avoid buttercream, meringue and whipped cream if you are having an outdoor wedding in hot weather. They melt. Fondant-covered cakes are a better option for summer because they resist heat well.

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However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert on all things cake. Your baker can help you determine which types of cake will last in specific wedding conditions.


There are many options when it comes to choosing a cake structure. There are many options when it comes to choosing a cake structure.

Multi-Tiered Wedding Cake: This is the most popular option for a wedding cakes. The couple usually saves the top tier for their first anniversary, while the rest of the cake is shared with guests on the day.

Single-Tier Wedding Cake: Single-tier cakes are becoming more popular and provide a simpler alternative to traditional wedding cakes. A single-tier cake can match your wedding decor and include a secondary cake for your guests.

Cupcake Display: Many couples choose to display cupcakes instead of traditional tiered cakes. Cupcakes can be presented in many different ways and are an excellent single-serving option. Cupcakes can be used as a complement to a single-tiered wedding cake.

Some couples opt to make their cake unique. In recent years, the French Croquembouche has been gaining popularity. This is a patisserie dessert made with cream puffs, spun sugar and other ingredients. A “cheese cake” is another option. It has layers of cheese wheels that look similar to a wedding cake. Another fun way to include your favorite dessert is with a teetered donut, macaron or cake pops display.


While a classic figurine is still a popular choice, more couples are choosing to use the cake topper (or even the cake stand) as a way to personalize their wedding.

You can choose something that represents you both as a couple. This could be a clay model or figurine of your pet. Or a chic, monogrammed acrylic pedestal.

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You can have your heirloom piece, especially fine porcelain antiques, incorporated into a suitable design by your baker so it is secure.

You can also use a bouquet made of sugar flowers, a series of icing ribbons, or even a block of sugar to show your monogram.