7 fun ideas to decorate your wedding on a budget


A wedding is one of the most expensive events of your life, if not the most expensive. The price markups on wedding decor, food, and clothes is astronomical, and is a major reason for pre-wedding stress for many couples. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

If your wedding is coming up, you’re probably thinking about the setup and decor. This is one of those expenses which are needlessly expensive. So, you can cut out the numerous vendors who’ll take thousands of dollars for some minimal decor. You can make your wedding beautiful on a budget, and also add your own personality to it. Here are a few fun ideas you can use.

Design your own printables

Things as simple as signs, menus, and place cards are marked up as soon as you say they’re for a wedding. So why not make your own? Design your wedding signs, menus, seating charts, and guest place cards using tools like PosterMyWall. Just pick a template you like, and adjust it accordingly. Then, get it printed from a local shop.

This will save you hundreds of dollars. If you get these signs and menus from design to printing stage from a vendor, you’ll have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money. In addition, you can get exactly what you want, without going back and forth explaining your vision to another party.

Use mason jars

While mason jars may seem like they’re rustic, you can actually use them as decor in most kinds of weddings. Put some small fairy lights in mason jars, and use them to decorate your tables, if your event is in the evening. You can also put votive candles in them, add a ribbon around the rim.

Also, mason jars can be used for your wedding favors as well. Just put some edible items like Jordan almonds, popcorn, or some candy in these jars, and put them on each guest’s seat. This will also cover your wedding favors and make the tables look prettier.

Avoid overspending on flowers

Flowers are one of the biggest wedding expenses you’ll face. Instead of booking a specialty florist and getting flowers brought in from all over the place, use what is in the area. Options like wildflowers and baby’s breath look quite beautiful, and are priced well too.

Try to use foliage and branches in your decor as well. These will cost very little, and give an elegant yet rustic look to your wedding. The right arrangement can help you make any kind of flower fit within your budget and work with the aesthetics you want.

Make your own wedding favors

Wedding favors are something many people opt to cut out if they’re on a low budget. However, you can incorporate them into your celebration without spending too much money. This will let you send your guests away with lovely memories of your important day.

Make your own wedding favors to really make your guests feel appreciated. These can be as simple as mason jars full of candy or popcorn, or something like candle holders you dip dye with your wedding colors. You can even send them home with cute little plant pots, with a packet of seeds included, complete with written instructions.

Be crafty with your table decor

You need to make sure the tables at your reception look beautiful and really show up well in pictures. So, you can get crafty and DIY a number of different things to fill the tables up. Use bottles, mason jars, and old vases with wildflowers in them, and place them on the tables.

In addition, you can make origami cranes or boats, and scatter a few across each table. This will be a unique way to fill up your tables at the reception, and make them stand out.

Create a string light backdrop

String lights are an excellent tool in making your budget wedding decor dreams come true. So, use them to decorate your tables, wedding signs, aisle, and more! Make a backdrop for pictures using layers of string lights. These are quite inexpensive, so you can make the backdrop as big as you want.

Make this string light backdrop a photo area for the guests as well, once your ceremonies and first dance are done. The pictures will come out great, and make your wedding look pretty luxe on social media.

Utilize balloons and paper lanterns

While this may seem very obvious, balloons and paper lanterns actually can make your wedding look great. You just need to use them in the right way, and with the right colors. Decorate your aisles, backdrops and entrance areas with balloons in your wedding colors.

Also hang paper lanterns along the venue, and place them along the aisle as well. These lanterns are really inexpensive and easy to set up. So, you can use as many as you want.

So, there are numerous ways you can make your wedding look great without breaking the bank. A lot of these involve very simple DIY, so they are doable for almost everyone!