Ten Things You Need to Know About The Knot Wedding Couple

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NFL player Devon Still has much to be thankful for during the past year. His five-year old daughter, Leah, was diagnosed last year with stage four neuroblastoma, an aggressive, rare form of cancer. She had the tumor removed, underwent stem cell treatment, and was declared in remission in March. The football player prioritized raising awareness about pediatric cancer research and supporting Leah. This led to the father and daughter being co-recipients at the ESPY Award ceremony July for their perseverance through Leah’s battle with cancer.

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1. Asha and Devon have been together for three years.

Joyce says that they met at a party with a mutual friend in 2012 and went on a few dates. They have been together ever since.

2. They have the same birthday, which led to an unexpected marriage proposal!

Joyce and Still were both born July 11th, so she was a little skeptical that he would throw her a surprise birthday party. She didn’t know she was actually walking into her surprise engagement party in a hotel. Her family assembled with candles, roses and signs, as well as a violinist playing John Legend’s favorite John Legend song.

3. Asha chose her own engagement ring, which she did not know.

Joyce says that “Before Devon proposed we spoke briefly about our future, but I didn’t expect our engagement to take place so soon.” He had some tricks of his own when he asked Joyce for help in choosing engagement rings for a friend’s fiancée. It turned out that Joyce was the one who chose her ring. The ring she chose was a stunning round-cut diamond with a hexagon halo of yellows. “I remember working in a jewelry shop and would often sit and imagine what my engagement ring would look like. “I wanted something that was unique and stood out.”

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4. Devon’s daughter Leah may have a career as a wedding planner.

We will see Leah as the flower girl of the couple walking down the aisle. Joyce says Joyce that she wouldn’t want it any other way. She is so excited to choose her flower girl gown. She thinks she is a wedding planner. Leah would like everything to be pink! We’ll have some pink items, that’s certain.”

5. Asha and Devon won’t be just about them in their wedding vows.

Joyce states, “We look forward to making traditions for ourself, starting with the marriage.” Their wedding vows will not only reflect their commitment to one another, but also include Leah’s union and being a family.

6. Family will likely have the same number of wedding guests on both side.

Joyce states that Joyce feels like their guest lists will likely be equal. Joyce says that although his family is larger, he still has many close friends and support from Leah as well as the NFL. It will be a lot of people.

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7. Asha has only one idea about her wedding gown so far.

Joyce states, “I want a mermaid silhouette that has some embellishment.” But I will know when I see the gown. Because this is all new to me, I love looking through every designer’s collection. Although she hasn’t yet tried on wedding dresses, Kleinfeld Bridal will be there with her entire family.

8. Devon is a sucker for a good joke, even at Asha’s expense.

Joyce states that while people may only see Devon’s serious side through the TV camera, behind the scenes Devon is funny and loves to laugh. He loves to pull pranks. “I love Halloween and once he disguised himself and hid in my house to scare me!”

9. Movies are their favorite place to go on date nights.

Joyce says, “We love to travel and go to the movies a lot.” “We will travel to any place that offers us the chance to see something new.” Their home base in Wilmington, Delaware, is where they are whenever they’re not on the road.

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10. The challenges of last year brought them closer together.

Joyce describes Leah’s fight with cancer as Joyce saying, “We embarked upon a spiritual journey together because the last year was so difficult.” Through prayers and sharing our lives together, we grew closer to each other and to God. He is a perfect man for me. He is generous, loving and compassionate. He is a great father and man. He is always there to help people. He is a great guy, and he is very kind.