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A decanter set is a great gift for groomsmen who enjoy a glass of red or aged whisky together. It’s a practical gift they will appreciate and something you can enjoy together at your next boys night. You can personalize the decanter by engraving their initials or name. GroomsShop has a great decanter set!


We love the idea that you can gift your groomsmen matching cufflinks for the big day. There are many options to choose from, so you can find something that suits your style, hobby, and theme. You and your boys will enjoy a day at the golf course. Why not add some personal flair to the experience with some golf-related cufflinks? Cufflinks make a great gift and can be worn again and again for formal occasions.


The bride and her maids shouldn’t get all the pre-wedding pampering! You can surprise your groomsmen by giving them a relaxing wet-shave, warm towels, and finishing off with a style if you are getting married in the afternoon. Book in at a traditional barbershop or have someone come to your place! This will not only get you ready for the big day, but it also makes your wedding even more memorable. You can also treat your guests to a morning massage if you feel extra special and the venue allows it.


You could offer pre- or post-wedding room service to each guest if you’re all staying at the venue. Everyone loves to eat free food after a fun day.


Do you have some spare time on your wedding morning? You and your groomsmen can arrange to play some golf, especially if there is a nearby course. This is a great way to make memories and to kill time before you have to get ready. You want your wedding day to be memorable. Make sure you have enough time to get dressed up and ready for the big day!

Groomsmen have a lot of responsibilities. You can show your appreciation by giving them a gift or experience. You can find other gifts ideas for groomsmen right here.