What to do if you’re attending a wedding this year


Increasingly as weddings return, guests are coming across unwritten etiquette rules or never-before-navigated scenarios. The Knot data shows that the industry has seen a 25% increase in weddings, with 47% of these nuptials occurring between July and October. Wedding attendance will increase in the fall when you consider COVID testing and vaccinations.

But, comfort levels vary. Some people are happy to get rid of their masks completely, according to the CDC’s revised guidelines, which were published in mid-May. Others find solace in social distancing or mask use, even though they have been fully vaccinated. Simply put, comfort levels are different and it is important to find what works for you.

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Both couples and guests can enjoy the wedding boom ahead by simply acknowledging that they are aware of it. Here are some of the most common questions The Knot editors are getting as weddings return. Wedding RSVP Etiquette

How can you decline a wedding when you have two of them on the same weekend?

This particular situation requires that you follow the basic RSVP protocol. You must respond to the deadline regardless of whether you are attending or not. This will give guests multiple options on how to deal with the situation. If you are only invited to one wedding, you should thank the couple for inviting you. It is common to gift the couple a gift from their registry, depending on how close you are to them.

What if you have said yes to a wedding but are now uncomfortable going?

Comfort levels can vary depending on the situation. Contact the couple immediately if you feel uncomfortable at a wedding you have RSVP’d for to find out more about their seating plans and risk mitigation strategies. You can still send them a gift from the registry if you choose to withdraw completely. Requirements for a Wedding Guest

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Is it safe and responsible to attend a wedding on Friday but not another one on Saturday?

The situation will vary depending on whether you have been fully vaccinated or if COVID testing has been performed. Safety is different for everyone. It’s a good idea to test your safety between weddings and to practice social distancing.

How can I get my wedding tested?

A couple may often provide guidance for COVID testing. This could be a list of nearby centers or an option for at-home kits. Rarely, couples may provide testing stations for their guests before they enter their wedding venue.

What happens if I have been fully vaccinated? What if I’m fully vaccinated?

On May 13, the CDC issued new guidelines encouraging all fully vaccinated people to remove their masks indoors and outdoors. While some are thrilled by the recommendation of the agency, others remain cautious. It is impossible to track who has been fully vaccinated until the country achieves herd immunity. Some couples take inventory of their guests’ vaccination status, while others require proof to gain entry to certain businesses. Keep in mind that every wedding is unique and you should follow the rules set by the couple and their professional team. Etiquette for Weddings that Return

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Do you think it is rude to wear a mask to weddings even though the couple does not require it?

The CDC recommends that you wear a mask and social distancing when outdoors if you’re not fully vaccinated before a wedding. Although the nation is still working towards herd immunity through vaccinations, weddings are occurring during a pandemic. However, this can be done safely and thoughtfully.

I would like to ensure that I am seated with only my family members at the wedding. Is it okay to inquire about the seating arrangements of the couple before the wedding?

Many couples have already begun to work with their vendors to arrange seating arrangements in accordance with “pods”. Prewedding surveys are being sent out to determine guest comfort levels and special requests.

What if I’m not happy with my seating arrangement at the wedding?

If you aren’t sure what your seating arrangement will be at the reception, or if you’re not certain of it beforehand, ask the couple.

The couple has not created a page for wedding FAQs and has not sent any prewedding correspondence. What now?

Gently ask someone close to the couple if they are planning to send prewedding correspondence. Many couples create FAQ pages for their wedding websites and update them frequently to provide all the relevant information for guests.

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What if you suspect that a couple isn’t following the guidelines? Do they feel uncomfortable at the event?

It is okay to leave a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you feel the need to flag down a wedding planner or event staffer, you can do so by bringing them aside and expressing your dissatisfaction. They will work with you to find the best solution, without making a scene.