Six Things You Must Do After He Proposes


After you have gotten off the cloud after your partner proposed, it’s easy to think that the next step is to get into planning mode. There are many things to do when planning the big day. However, it is your job as a newly engaged man or woman to enjoy this moment in your life. We’re allowing you to put off the planning for at least a few more weeks or months so that you can enjoy this once-in a lifetime experience. Are you looking for a to-do list idea? These six will help you to enjoy, imagine, and savor the experience of being engaged.

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It was most likely the most memorable moment in your life, so don’t rush to make it happen. You should instead celebrate for as long as you feel appropriate. Alison LaesserKeck, Alison & Bryan event planner, says, “Too often nowadays, the priority is to spread the experience to the world. But just make sure that you’re actually taking the time to experience it yourself.” Before you share the news via social media, enjoy the moment that you two shared.

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Tell your closest friends and family.

You’re sure to want to tell your closest friends and family as soon as the ring is on your finger. Lindsey Sachs is a wedding planner who also owns COLLECTIVE/by Sachs in Boulder and Minneapolis. “Ideally, this conversation should be over the phone or in person. It will have a greater impact on your loved ones that you might know.” Your connections with your closest friends and family will not only help you to reconnect during this joyful milestone but also set the tone of your wedding. Once you have your closest friends and family in the loop, share the news with your wider network of friends and coworkers via social media.

Get your ring resized, insured.

This is likely to be the most valuable and expensive piece of jewelry that you own. It should fit perfectly. Make sure it is insured in case it gets stolen, lost, or damaged. Myriam Michel is the owner and creative director at M&M Elite Events, Boston, Massachusetts. “Your engagement rings have a deep sentimental value that cannot be replaced. However, if it ever gets stolen or lost, having good insurance coverage can be a good idea.” The majority of jewelers that sold the ring will offer it in the event it is damaged or lost. However, it’s a smart idea to add the jewelry to your homeowner’s or renter insurance. Most policies have a jewelry rider. Before adding the ring on to your policy, you will need to have it appraised by a certified jewelologist.

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Take mental preparation.

Be careful before you start pinning like a crazy woman and jump to the wedding planning bandwagon. The next months are going to be difficult to say the least. Larissa Banting, president of Weddings Costa Rica, founder of The Lazy Bride, says that marriage is a rite, one of the oldest traditions of human culture. Even the most modern couple will feel the shift in their status from single and married. “Weddings have a unique ability to stir up emotions among family and friends. The mom who is subconsciously resentful that her son grows up or is replaced by another woman in her son’s lives. The ride is about to get bumpy, buttercup! You can stay calm and aware during what is likely to be an emotional rollercoaster.

Talk to us about your dream wedding.

Not just with your mom, or the wedding planner but also with your significant other (whom half of this day is about). Slisha Kankariya is the founder of Four Mine, an online jewel retailer that specializes in engagement rings. Do you both want a beach or rustic wedding? Non-traditional vows or traditional? No matter how many guests you have, it doesn’t matter how small. This is the time to narrow down your options and discuss them. You might need to set aside time each week to peruse Pinterest or browse a magazine about bridal inspiration.

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Enjoy being engaged.

As the wedding planning process unfolds, it’s easy for you to feel overwhelmed. Try to relax and enjoy this moment in your life. Jung Lee, co-owner and founder of Fete, a New York City event production company, says that many brides rush through the engagement. However, being engaged is one the most exciting moments of your life. After the proposal, spend some time alone with your partner to relax and appreciate the fact that you are making this commitment.