Clever Ways To Prove That Your Spouse Cheated


Many people believe that marriage is blissful. It is not always like that. Some spouses cheat on their partners and continue to have extramarital affairs. There are still people who cheat on their spouses, despite the flexibility offered by marriage.

Technology makes it easier to cheat on your spouse. This has led to an unexpected increase in the number of infidelity cases. Nearly 70% of married couples have had some kind of extra-marital affairs in their marriage. But, the same technology can be used to show your partner that you are being betrayed.

The 7 Best Ways to Prove Your Spouse Cheated on You

You need to have evidence or proof in order to prove that your spouse is cheating. Are you looking for ways to prove that your spouse is lying? This guide will help you determine if your spouse is lying to you.

Hide or Lock the Phone

Extramarital affairs are common and many people will lock or hide their phones while they’re with their partner. Couples will not lock their phones. Even if they have a passcode to protect their bank account information or other sensitive data, they will still tell their spouse the password. If they lock their phone with a new password or hide it, it could be that they are having text or phone calls with other people.

You can find your spouse’s secret phone or spy by simply typing their password. You can then enter their password or use their thumb code to unlock the phone and see who they are cheating with.

Use Mobile Apps

Mobileimeet is a great place to learn about the best apps to help you locate your cheating spouse. To track their location and find out who they are meeting with, you can simply install the spy app onto your spouse’s phone.

Both Android and iOS smartphones are compatible with the spy apps. There are many apps available on the Play Store and App Store. You can choose the one with the highest rating and download it to your spouse’s smartphone. Make sure you keep it secret.

Assess Finances

This is another clever and simple way to catch your cheating spouse. Keep an eye on your spouse’s finances. There is a possibility that your spouse is getting gifts from extramarital affairs, even though their salary isn’t very high.

Some people also use their credit cards for booking tickets, hotel rooms, dinners, gifts and other purchases. You can also view the spending statements of your spouse’s account. You can then check to see if your spouse has been out with someone else during work hours. Sometimes your spouse might claim that they have a business meeting. However, you can look at the bank statement to find out where the money was spent. You can then determine if your spouse lies to you.

Check your Spouse’s Chrome History

Extramarital relationships are more likely to cause people to delete SMS and WhatsApp messages. You can still check their chrome history to see if they’ve used online dating apps or any other relevant sites. You can still check their chrome history to see which sites they used recently, even if it has been deleted.

Keep an eye on their social media accounts

It is possible that your spouse is having an active conversation with another person on social media platforms. Instant message-sharing websites have evolved to include social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. If you want to verify and obtain evidence, it is important to find out who your spouse is speaking to.

You can access your partner’s social media accounts from any location by knowing their login ID and password. It will be simple to determine with whom your spouse has extramarital affairs.

Use the Mobile Tracker

Sometimes your spouse may have plans to meet the person they are interested in and have an extramarital affair. Your spouse may lie about where they’re going at that time. If your spouse plans to meet your intimate relationship at a hotel, your partner might tell you that they are going to a friend’s dinner at a restaurant.

The spy apps available in the App Store and Play Store can be used to track your partner’s movements. You can also check Google Maps’ ‘Your Timeline tab to see if your spouse has lied about where they are located if your spouse drives their own car.

Find hidden audio and photo files

Hidden photos, audio and video files are also important. You might find that your spouse uses many different apps and is familiar with their functions. This could allow him or her to use an app from the Play Store, or the App Store to hide certain photos, videos and audios related.

Keep an eye on your spouse’s phone when he or she is using it secretly. You can access the audio files, hidden images, and video recordings of your spouse’s affair by using a keystroke or code.

Bottom line

We have compiled this list after analyzing all possible methods to determine the accuracy of each one. If you suspect that your spouse is acting suspiciously, these are the best ways to confirm it.