7 Sex Mistakes All Men Make


You can use sex toys, vibrators and sex dolls in any way you like. Your body is yours, so you can treat it in whatever way suits you. There are some things that you shouldn’t do with sex toys.

We’re trying to convey that people make mistakes. When it comes to sex toys, it is usually the men who make the most mistakes. We’ll admit that men’s sex toys aren’t as popular as women’s, so we’ll give them a pass. We’ll give them a heads up so they don’t make the same mistakes.

Here are the top sex-toy mistakes men make.

It is important to wash the toys correctly

Proper storage, maintenance and hygiene of sex toys are essential to their longevity and “well being”. It’s also important for your health.

This is a common misconception among men. Men are taught at an early age to wash their genitals only with warm water. While a gentle soap may be useful once in a while it is not recommended for all men, most people use water to wash their genitals.

We aren’t sure if they believe this applies to their sex toys. However, research has shown that many men don’t properly clean or store their sex toys. This is a problem. This is a problem. We don’t think we need to list all possible health issues that could result from it. So we will only say that a urinary tract infection may be minor.

They are to be ashamed

Although we can’t guarantee that every man, or all men, takes poor care of their sex toys we feel it safe to say most men are embarrassed of the things they have, whether they’re simple massagers or mini sex dolls.

We can’t blame them, but we do not fault them. Men still have a stigma around sex toys and the use of them by men. Most men don’t like talking about their toys with their partners.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Your sexuality should not be shameful. Sex is an amazing thing. Don’t feel ashamed if you own an anal plug, or a miniature sex doll. Embrace it!

Do not take the time to choose

Fleshlight is the most popular sex toy for men. Why? It looks just like female genitalia. Most men know enough about sex toys to be able to describe it. It’s how it feels, what it’s made of, and is it safe? None of these things seem to matter to men.

It is not a good idea to choose the most well-received or best-selling sex toys on Amazon. We doubt you would choose the most popular or best-selling doll on Amazon if you were purchasing a sex toy. You would take your time choosing the one that excites you the most.

The same should be true for toys. Take your time. Take your time. Do your research. Do your research. Be you.

They only focus on the end goal

Men use sex toys primarily for masturbation, meaning that their sole purpose is to have sex. This is a mistake. The journey is just as important as the destination. If the journey was irrelevant, most men would stick with their trusted hands and never think about buying a toy.

If you decide to buy it, enjoy the full range of joy that the toy provides. Do not just think about the end. Also, think about the process.

Don’t Put Your Toys to Bed

Most men would not mind if their partner suggested that they use a sextoy. They would actually be delighted to have the chance. Most men are embarrassed by their toys and rarely let them go to bed.

That’s wrong. You can incorporate toys into your sex life if you are into them. It’s okay to do it and there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just sex. Embrace it. It will be embraced by your partner, we are sure.

Don’t “Share” the Toys

Although sharing toys is not something you should do it’s not something we meant. We meant that the vast majority of men won’t bring their partners sex toys to bed with them.

There is no toy that cannot be shared. Your partner can also use the prostate massager. Some toys can only be shared in groups or pairs, so it is rude to share them with your partner.

We’re basically trying to tell you that your partner should not be the one who hogs the toys.

Use the wrong kind of lube or not to use lube

The most common mistake in sex is using the wrong lube.

The lube may cause discomfort, tearing, irritation, or other problems. The wrong kind of lube can also cause damage to your toys, in addition to the above.

Silicone toys can only be mixed with oil-based and water-based lubes. This is because most silicone toys are made from water. It’s not the silicone lube you should use with silicone toys, no matter how strange that may sound.


That’s it. These are the top sex toy mistakes men make. Don’t be discouraged if you see yourself in any of those. All of us make mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.

We hope you found our assistance useful. Take care, and have fun.