Ten Mistakes Brides Make While Dress Shopping

Shopping Wedding

Bring an entourage

It’s the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear. We want it to be perfect. It can be difficult to reach a consensus when there are 10 different opinions. This can make it harder for you to get exactly what you want. “I believe that the minimum amount of people a bride should bring to dress shopping is two,” Cristina DeMarco, Bridal Reflections, New York, NY.

Debra Lash of The Wedding Tree, La Crosse, WI, stated that most brides work best when they are accompanied by their mom, sister, or best friend. “They usually have the bride’s best interests at heart, not what they want them to wear.” Theresa Misso, one of our real bride bloggers, wrote that “When you’re standing in a big gown and random people are ohhing and ahhing and you just want to take it off, you will need an honest, reliable companion who can say, ‘I love this.'” It’s not you.

It’s too early to shop

These days, many couples opt for longer engagements. However, they don’t shop more than 12 months ahead of time. Lash said, “When a bride begins trying on gowns she’ll undoubtedly fall in love with one.” It quickly becomes difficult for a bride to purchase if she isn’t ready. This means that you should not go to a bridal salon until you are ready to buy.

Before you shop for a dress, it is important to know all details about your wedding. Many factors will affect the style of the gown. Take into account your venue. “An elegant gown with lots of embellishments and large trains might look great in a ballroom, but it would be completely inappropriate for a beachfront ceremony,” stated Tolu Ogbechie (one of our real bride bloggers). You can also influence the color of your decor and bridesmaids by choosing a white or off-white color.

Don’t procrastinate, however. According to DeMarco, most dresses take between five and eight months to arrive. If you require it within five months or less, you can place a rush order. However, it will cost you more.

Try On Too Many Dresses

You’ve probably seen a bride try on more than 100 dresses before finding the perfect one. DeMarco said that most brides only try on four to seven dresses and should not try on more than 10. This can cause confusion.

A bride may be trying on dresses after dresses because she isn’t ready to make a commitment and end the shopping experience. Lash stated that the most common mistake made by brides is to not purchase their gown after she finds it. She can become overwhelmed and forget what she set out to find. She starts to doubt herself and lose faith in the experience.

Crista, a real bride blogger, noticed that not every bride experiences “that moment” where the tears begin rolling and you know you have found “The One.” Crista observed that while trying on a Priscilla Boston gown (pictured right), Crista noticed her family looking at me, all teary-eyed, as she gazed upon her reflection. Crista said that although I was touched by their reactions, I began to wonder, “Why aren’t I crying?” “I decided against buying that dress and left the salon to reflect on my shopping experience.

Steep Discounts to Swag You

Do not be enticed by the 70% discount on your dream gown. Lash stated that the biggest mistake she has seen is brides buying a gown online or in a shop at a steep discount “only today”.

Although sample sales are very popular with brides, you should remember that the dress is typically only that, a sample. The gown may have been worn hundreds of times and could have been stained or torn during this process. Make sure to inspect the gown carefully before you make a purchase. If there is damage, it can be repaired. Many brides spend hundreds on alterations to fix the problem with their sample gown when they could have purchased a new, similar dress for less.

Don’t let this discourage you: You may be able to find a stunning gown for a very affordable price. Kimberly Sanicki of Wanaque (NJ) found her perfect wedding dress at a Filene’s Basement “Running of the Brides”. A stunning Essense gown from Australia was only $500. This is a marked down of $3,000. Kimberly and her mother thoroughly inspected the gown before she handed it over. Sanicki said that her mom checked the gown for every crystal and it didn’t need to be hemmed or cleaned.

You are requesting the wrong size

Most wedding gowns are one to two sizes smaller than street wear. Gesinee, of Gesinee’s Bridal in Concord (CA) said that it is important to not focus on the actual size. Instead, consider how your measurements compare with the designer’s specific size chart.

Are you looking to lose weight before the big day arrives? Lash said, “If I had one nickel for every person who claimed they were going to lose weight,” You can order the size that best fits you. You can take any dress in up to four sizes, although it may affect the style of the dress. However, most dresses can only be taken in one size. DeMarco says, “You have to be realistic in case you don’t lose your target weight.”

What happens if your gown doesn’t fit properly? Don’t panic and try to go on a crash dieting. DeMarco said, “There’s always an option.” You can order fabric directly from the designer, add beads, or make a new back to fit the required measurements.

Staying true to one style

DeMarco said that ninety percent of brides leave our shop with something totally different from what they expected. It’s a good idea to bring pictures of the dresses you love. However, if your consultant suggests something else, it is worth trying. A dress can’t be compared to your body by simply looking at it on a hanger. DeMarco says that a bride who is larger in the hips might feel uncomfortable wearing a fitted gown. She may not realize that a fitted dress will show her curves and fit perfectly, making her look slimmer than if she is covering up.

Do You Love Buying a Dress?

DeMarco said, “The greatest mistake I have seen brides make is to settle on a gown because someone influenced them to buy it rather than following her heart.”

It is important to select your shopping companions carefully. Lash stated that many people who may be accompanied by the bride will see each gown and decide if they are right for them, not the bride.

If you aren’t sure if a dress is right for you, or if there’s pressure from someone in your entourage to buy it, you can go home empty handed, rest on it, and then return to the store later if you still have dreams about it.

Try on Dresses That You Can’t Afford

A stunning gown is on a mannequin, but it’s out of your budget. You want to try it on for fun. What’s the harm? Lash said, “It can cause heartbreak and disappointment.” You must be able afford to buy any item you want to try.

Before you go to the salon, make sure you know your budget and that you have a good experience. Lash is often told that brides complain about being shown dresses by other salons that are too expensive. Lash stated that she has a strict policy to ensure the customer stays within her budget. This makes the bride happier throughout the whole process. Happy brides equal happy employees!

Accounting for additional costs is not an option

Let’s suppose you have $2,000 to purchase your attire. This doesn’t mean that you can purchase a dress at a price of $2,000. You may need to pay additional for alterations and tax. Don’t spend too much on the dress. Gesinee said that almost every gown will require some alterations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small thing like a hem or something more complicated like taking in (or letting go) the bodice. It is also important to consider undergarments, shoes and/or hair accessories. Jewelry and jewelry are just a few of the accessories that you will need to complete your bridal look.

Don’t Choose Your Store Carelessly

Call ahead if you are a plus-size bride to check if the store has enough plus-size samples. Not all stores have them. Gesinee said that you have no other option but to play “paper dolls” in order to get an idea of how a style might look on you.

Lash stated that it is difficult to judge the fit of a gown by simply holding it up to your body. We will try to find a similar or identical fit in the same size if a bride likes one of our gowns in size 12.

Gesinee also advised that you ensure that the store is authorized to sell the designer you have chosen. There’s a high chance you won’t get a genuine gown if the retailer isn’t authorized to sell this particular designer. This means the designer will not stand behind it in case something goes wrong. You can check the websites of individual designers or call the number to find out which stores are permitted in your area.

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