Tennis Necklaces: For Every Bridal Style


It’s not just about accessorizing, but also about finding unique pieces that can become family heirlooms. The tennis necklaces is the most fitting wedding necklace to be a heirloom. The tennis bracelet is named after the famous bracelet with the same name. It makes a bold statement and can be worn to match the most important part of a wedding dress.

Tennis necklaces have been a classic wedding ceremony accessory. They are also a popular choice for celebrities (Paris Hilton wore a beautiful tennis necklace with one her bridal looks). Expert Kathryn Money says that the Tennis necklace is a timeless staple and a signature piece. She adds that tennis necklaces can be passed down from generation to generation.

Tennis necklaces can be costly due to the large number of diamonds needed for their design. There are ways to get around the high prices of lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than Earth-mined because they are created in a laboratory. They are also more environmentally friendly because they don’t involve any mining.

A tennis necklace is a great choice for your wedding seating plan . Check out our top-rated lab-grown diamond tennis necks.

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Brilliant Earth Diamond Tennis Necklaces

There are many sizes and shapes of tennis necklace, some of which are thicker than others. Brilliant Earth’s option is our favorite. It has a subtle design, but still makes a statement. This makes it the perfect choice for the minimalist bride or for brides looking for a timeless piece to wear every day.

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Carat Weight: 5.5, 10

VRAI Celestial Double Strand Tennis Necklace

Double tennis necklaces are a bold statement. This VRAI design is stunning. It is composed of one strand each of round-cut and one of emerald cut Diamond Eternity. It has a unique, luxurious feel.

Carat Weight: 42.36

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