20 Lab-Grown Eternity Bands for “Diamond Eternity”


Rings are the most powerful symbol of sentiment in the world of meaningful jewelry. Rings have been a symbol of love, devotion, eternity and love for as long as there have been rings. This is especially true of the diamond eternity band. It has an unbreakable essence. Kathryn Money from Brilliant Earth says that the eternity band design is a very popular ring design. It features gemstones placed around the band, leaving no space for the metal. A diamond eternity band can be used to commemorate any occasion. She adds that these sparkling pieces are an expression of love, appreciation and admiration.

This ring design is unique because it has been worn by people for thousands of years. It is believed that eternity rings date back as far as Ancient Egypt. Talk about an eternity! The creation of lab-grown diamonds has given a modern twist to the design of diamond eternity rings. These dustin diamond are chemically identical to natural or Earth-grown diamonds. Their origin is the only thing that makes lab-grown diamonds different from natural ones. Lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown eternity bands are more sustainable and cost-effective than traditional mining.

There are many reasons to buy a lab-grown, diamond eternity ring, whether you are celebrating an anniversary, getting married or having a child. There are many choices, even though this is one of the most popular ring styles.

Our list of the top lab-grown diamond eternity rings has been compiled for your convenience.

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VRAI Large Round Eternity Band

You can make a statement with your diamond eternity ring in many ways, but this Large Round Eternity Band by VRAI from VRAI is the best. This ring is available in a variety of metals, including platinum, which symbolizes strength and durability.

Carat Weight: 3.24 ct for Large, Size 6

Brilliant Earth Riviera Eternity Lab Diamond Ring

An eternity ring traditionally has a row of stones that wrap around the circumference without spacing. We love this Riveria Tennis Necklaces Eternity Ring with Brilliant Earth. This design is available in white, rose, and yellow gold, as well as platinum. It has small spaces between diamonds that create a floating look.

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Carat Weight: 1 or 2 ct

Good Stone Claw Diamond Band Spaced Eternity Band

This Spaced design is a modern version of the traditional eternity band. The diamond vs moissanite wrap around the band in rose, yellow or white gold. However, the gaps between the diamonds give it an updated feel. This ring is a great choice if you are looking for an additional eternity ring that can be stacked with a more traditional design.

Sizes: 3.25-10

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