Five Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses

Although the task of finding the perfect wedding dress can seem daunting and require more research than any other purchase you have made, it is a very enjoyable experience that doesn’t need to be stressful. We’ve put together a few tips to help you find the perfect wedding dress.

Give yourself plenty of time

Although you may think that securing the venue, photographer, and band is all important, it’s also important to start thinking about your wedding dress, and which option you will choose. Designers typically have six to nine months to prepare for fittings and custom modifications. This can add two months to your timeline so it’s a good idea to allow yourself one year. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time. Bridal boutiques often have a good working relationship with designers. They can sometimes accommodate quicker turnaround times if you have a particular style in mind. It is important to disclose your wedding date at your appointment so everyone knows what can be accomplished within the given timeframe.

Do Your (Couch-) Research

Before you book your appointment at a bridal boutique, it is important to do some research online. You can narrow down your search by focusing on certain styles, price points or designers (e.g. You’ll be able to narrow down your search to certain designers, price points or styles (e.g. vintage, boho, or classic). This will allow you to focus more on what you want and make it easier for you when shopping for dresses. You can choose ahead of time whether you prefer full-length sleeves, a high neckline, or a longer skirt.

Do not be afraid to go off the beaten track

Online stores such as and Irish retailers like Brown Thomas and Arnotts, Folkster and Don O’Neill’s Theia Coutire are all embracing the trend of off-the-peg bridal dresses. This is especially true for brides that need to have their dresses quickly delivered for registration or for brides who wish to wear another dress for dancing the night away. An off-the-peg dress can be purchased to wear to your wedding.

What’s Under the Surface?

A good bridal underwear is just as important as the gown itself. If you have a larger bust, it’s crucial to think about what bra you will need before you decide on your wedding dress. You will need a bra if your dress is backless or has a plunge cut-out at the front. Supportive shapewear can also make a big difference in smoothing out your silhouette. If you are considering a slinky style for your next appointment, bring along a variety of seamless knickers or shapewear solutions so you know what they will look like. It’s not good to feel uncomfortable or your underwear isn’t performing its job.

Calculate your budget

If you are in love with a gown that is beyond your budget, which can happen a lot, you should determine how much you can borrow from your emergency fund or finance the cost using a personal loan. Unexpected wedding expenses can be covered by a personal loan. A loan decision can be made in as little as three hours by AIB. Apply online for a loan to pay your wedding expenses via the AIB Mobile App and AIB Internet Banking. If you prefer to meet with someone in person, you can book an appointment at a branch.