The 9 best Wedding Planning Apps

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These are the 9 best wedding planning apps every couple needs in 2023

It is important to stay organized during the wedding planning process. But how can you do this? You’ll be happy to know that there are many apps and online tools to help you plan your wedding. These are the top 9 Wedding Planning Apps management apps that every couple should have in 2023.

Google Drive – Document Organization

The wedding admin process can be overwhelming. Google Drive, a file storage app, allows you to consolidate all your documents online in one place. It is cloud-based, syncs across all your devices, so you can access files from anywhere.

We recommend that you create a folder for each supplier to ensure seamless wedding organisation. You can also create your budget, guest list, floor plans, and budget using the app.

Pinterest: Inspiration for Sourcing

Pinterest is still the best (and original) way to find inspiration for your wedding. Pinterest is the best way to find inspiration for your big day. It’s a visual search engine that helps you find inspiration for your wedding.

Tip: Create separate boards for each category of wedding, then one master board to consolidate your favourite ideas into one vision. These boards can also be shared with wedding vendors such as your wedding planner and wedding florist.

Pocketbook: Budget Planning

For a stress-free wedding, it is important to track your budget. Pocketbook, a budget management app for free, syncs with bank accounts to allow you to track your income and expenses. Pocketbook can be used to plan your wedding budget. You can set spending limits and save a specific goal.

WedSites is the best choice for project management.

WedSites is your all-inclusive platform for managing wedding projects. Our digital planning tools are the perfect companion for modern wedding couples. They allow you to simplify the whole process of wedding planning.

The platform allows you to create your own wedding website, send paperless invites, track RSVPs, and manage all your wedding tasks using an intuitive digital planner. You can also delegate tasks to your partner, bridesmaids, or wedding planner and set deadlines.

Report on Venue Research

It can be difficult to find the right wedding venue. We love Venue Report’s ease and speed. You can search for wedding venues online using this clever platform. It allows you to filter by price, location, style, capacity, amenities, and other criteria. To arrange a personal tour, you can also contact each venue via the platform.

Evernote: Note-Taking

Evernote is a digital notebook app that can be used to plan your wedding. This app allows you to record all your thoughts and ideas, from floor plans to shopping lists and music to the ceremony. Notes can be saved in any format: drawings, text, photos, videos, PDFs, and written text. This is great for vendor meetings and venue visits!

WedUploader is the best tool for photo sharing

Let’s face it, you don’t have the time to search for photos while on honeymoon. WedUploader allows you to quickly crowdsource photos from your guests. You can share a link with guests and allow them to upload photos and videos into a designated folder. You can also upload unlimited images and videos to the app.

Messenger Group Chats

Group chats are a part of wedding planning. Facebook Messenger is the best way to manage them. You can create separate chats to accommodate your bride tribe, family members, or other relevant groups. The app allows you to share inspiration photos, send voice mails, create polls, and make plans.

For Wedding Colours: Palette Cam

Are you having trouble creating a cohesive color palette? Palette Cam, a stunning design tool, creates color palettes using your photos. The app can be used to create colour palettes from your own photos. To ensure a consistent look, share your colour palette with the relevant suppliers such as your florist and stationery designer.