What the Biggest Wedding Cake Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Cakes

You shouldn’t pick a cake before you have made major decisions about your wedding style.

A cake should be compatible with your venue, season, wedding dress, flower arrangements, and menu. You don’t have to bring a sketch, but it will help everyone understand the basics. If you are looking for a unique design, bring inspiration such as a sample of lace from your gown or photos of your wedding china.

Have a budget in place.

The cost of a wedding cake is typically per slice. Although the cost of a wedding cake can vary, it is usually between $3 and $30 per slice. When you are feeling tempted by multi-flavor cakes and blood orange filling, it is easy to get swayed. However, knowing your budget will help you prioritize your options. You will spend more on more flavors, which means more money. Handmade sugar flowers can add dollars to each slice. Fondant icing is usually more expensive than buttercream.

Match the cake height with your space.

Three tiers should serve 50-100 guests. Five layers will suffice for 200 people. The space should be adequate for your cake. If you have a large reception, add columns between the tiers to increase the cake’s height or use a faux Styrofoam layer. to add height.

Do not choose the flavor that everyone else likes.

Your cake should not only be a display piece, but also taste great. You should try many flavors when you meet prospective bakers. You don’t have to stick with vanilla and chocolate. Don’t forget about sampling fillings. Many bakers work with complex flavors, such as guava and mango, hazelnut and mocha.

Learn the facts about frosting.

Do you prefer buttercream or fondant Buttercream is usually much better. Buttercream is often more delicious. However, fondant has a smoother, almost surreal-like appearance. You can frost the cake with buttercream first, then add fondant to the top. No matter what type of icing, make sure your guests enjoy it. Choose a white cake with subtle green-frosted accents if your wedding colors are blue and green.

Remember to take into account the weather.

Avoid buttercream, meringue, and whipped cream if you are having an outdoor wedding. They melt. Ask your baker for summer icing options, or choose a fondant-covered cake that will withstand the heat.

Do budget for extra details.

Decoration costs can be very expensive. Fresh fruits and flowers are the most affordable option. In some cases, your florist can apply fresh fruits or blooms for a small fee. The delicate gum-paste and sugar-paste flowers are the most expensive. They are hand-crafted one petal at time. The bottom line is that all add-ons, including marzipan fruits and chocolate-molded flowers, will increase the price. We believe it is worth the price.

Do not forget to finish it.

You have many options for topping your cake. You can use an heirloom piece, such as a porcelain antique, to decorate your cake. You can use it as your “something older”. You can also use a bouquet or a series of icing ribbons, or even a block of sugar to show your monogram. Also, consider your location. For a beachside party, a cluster of coral is a great choice. Or you can make a fondant snowflake to add winter sparkle to your wedding. You don’t even need one. Some designs are great without them.

Have a detailed delivery plan.

It takes coordination and a refrigerated van to deliver cakes. Give yourself peace of mind by ordering your cake delivered. Complex cakes might not arrive in their final form so be sure to allow enough time for assembly. Make sure the masterpiece arrives at the destination in its final form, especially if refrigeration is required. Bottom line: Before signing the contract, discuss all details of delivery with your baker.

Give your cake the spotlight.

It’s likely that your cake will be displayed before it is cut and eaten. A designated table with good lighting is essential to ensure the best presentation. For circular cakes, a round table works well. However, a rectangular table may be more appropriate for linear designs. Decorate the table with rich fabrics, and add motifs, colors, and flowers that match your wedding style.

Remember to eat your cake! ).

Couples don’t often get to eat their wedding cake. Ask your caterer for some extra. You can share it with your spouse after the wedding as a postwedding snack or postwedding dessert.

Don’t let freezer burn happen.

Even if you use the most meticulous packaging, the best thing about your first anniversary cake is the top tier. You can indulge on your one-month or two-week anniversary and then treat yourself to a new cake when you reach one year. You can stick to tradition by wrapping the cake tightly in plastic wrap and placing it in an airtight baggie.

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