Ten Ways to Calm Your Nerves before You Go Down the Aisle


While it is normal to feel nervous on your wedding day there are some things you can do to avoid letting those nerves get the best you. Experts share their top tips to keep calm and happy before saying “I do.”

1. Visualize the day

Erik Cline, a certified life coach and newly married, recommends spending some time together before the big day. He suggests making a mental movie of the entire wedding from the ceremony through the reception. Both of you will be more prepared for the actual thing.

2. Trust others around you

Frank Bevacqua, Ph.D., Counselling Psychology, said that you have already given tasks to family and friends, but now it’s time to let them do the rest. You trust them enough to give them these responsibilities. Don’t worry about the things you are no longer responsible for.

3. Accept imperfections

Bevacqua says that it is unlikely for an event without a hitch. “Remember, sometimes the best memories can be made from things going insanely wrong, and no one is more important than your love.”

4. Positive thoughts can replace negative emotions

Joy Rains, a meditation speaker and author, says that our reality is shaped by what we think. Are you worried about the caterer Doubting your decision to marry? Rains suggests replacing anxious thoughts with thoughts that “focus on love, celebration”, such as “I can’t wait for all my friends to party!” or “Honeymooning is going to be super romantic.”

5. Reminisce on the good times shared with your partner

Stacy Kaiser is a licensed psychotherapist and Live Happy editor at Large. She advises to calm nerves and lift the mood with positive memories. “Think back to the day you got engaged, take photos of your last trip together, and remember when you first met.”

6. Take some time to relax

Although it’s likely to be busy, psychology Ph.D. Joanie Connell strongly recommends taking an hour to “center yourself”, whether you are walking, doing yoga or meditating.

7. Hydrate and refuel

Drinking plenty of water is vital to your health, as well as eating healthy. Christine M. Valentin, a licensed clinical social worker, says that nutrition and hydration are essential to our ability to control our emotions and nerves. You’re going to look stunning in your dress-don’t think about skipping breakfast.

8. Take the time to be present with all your senses

Jared Heathman suggests that you “soak” in the moment of getting ready.

9. Share your anxiety

Sharon Stills, a naturopathic doctor, says that being honest and open is one of the best ways to manage stress. Talk to someone you care about and share your feelings. You’re more likely to receive a perspective, laugh with someone and let go of some tension.

10. Physical

Kathryn Tristan, assistant professor of medicine, offers some stress-busting methods for those who are struggling to control anxious thoughts. Smile, whether you mean it or otherwise, to release mood-enhancing endorphins. To lower your heart rate and blood pressure, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Move, wiggle and stretch your muscles to release tightness and feel refreshed.