6 Delicious Wedding Cake and Cocktail Pairings

Wedding Cakes

My two unavoidable vices are dessert and alcohol. Combining them can be easy and delicious.

Jack and I went beyond the ordinary when Jack and I were married in Mexico. We forgoed favors and extravagant decor to spend on Oaxacan cocktails, margaritas, & a lot of artisanal Mezcal.

What about dessert? I spent as much time looking for a churro cart as I did dress shopping, and I ended up spending almost as much time searching for a boozy paleta (a Mexican popsicle that is laced in alcohol) with ten tropical flavors. My mom made the perfect coconut cake with pineapple flowers.

Although desserts and beverages don’t necessarily have to be matched, it is a great idea to make them match. Think about the location when pairing easy pairings (former wine sales consultant Claire at your disposal). A regional desert can be paired with a cocktail made from herbs and juices from the same area. Our experts have more creative ideas than you can imagine.

1. Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake + Lambrusco

“I recommend pairing chocolate cake with Lambrusco, a red sparkling, also known as liquid caviar. For a rich and decadent chocolate cake, a Lambrusco light or dolce is the ideal pairing. There are many Lambrusco options, including hints of blueberries and strawberries with less tannin.

2. Raspberry Cream Cake + Brachetto

Brachetto is a great pairing for any dessert or cake. It is light, refreshing, and sparkling. This makes it a crowd pleaser. It is very fragrant. It will bring out the sweetness of strawberries, raspberries and sweet cream in your nose.

3. Chocolate Chili Cake + Classic Margarita

When pairing cakes and cocktails, the most important things to consider are their flavor profiles and seasonal availability. Consider adding a spicy ganache to your margarita. This will keep the Mexican flavor profile intact and tie the cake to the cocktail. To go with El Diablo cake (a rich chocolate cake with chili and cinnamon dark chocolate mousse), we prefer a classic margarita.

4. Strawberry Shortcake + Rose

You want to select flavors that are available in the current season, so you can enjoy the best flavors. Match it with a complimentary cocktail. Fresh strawberries are a great choice for spring and summer weddings. They would also pair well with roses, which have a fruity flavour.

5. Salted Caramel Cake + Smoky Manhattan

We tend to serve seasonal food and drinks so it would be smart to stick with a market-driven approach for pairing suggestions. California’s fall weddings are very special so I would recommend pairing salted caramel mousse with pumpkin whoopie pie with a smoky Manhattan.

6. Classic Chocolate Layer Cake + Passionfruit Orange Guava Cocktail

“I love the idea pairing desserts and cocktails together. A tropical and summery dessert like coconut pannacotta would pair well with a classic fresh lime margarita. A refreshing POG cocktail (passionfruit orange + guava), would also be delicious with any chocolate.