Wedding Cakes

Naked Wedding Cake

This rustic-styled naked wedding cake looks great and tastes amazing thanks to my simple vanilla cake recipe with easy buttercream frosting. This recipe can be made even if your first wedding cake was not yet baked. You’ll also find tips and tricks on how to stack fresh flowers securely and apply them safely. This wedding cake looks stunning and professional, so no one will be surprised at how easy it was to make.

Naked wedding cakes are much simpler to put together than standard wedding cakes. You don’t have the need to worry too much about the last layer of buttercream. The key to creating a stunning naked wedding cake is to use good cake pans that make straight layers. Also, use a bench scraper so the sides are straight.

We believe choosing your wedding cake should be a joyful experience. Fen from MonAnnie, the amazing and talented cake designer, is here to assist us today! Take notes …. on everything, from dressing it, to deciding its size,

MonAnnie is a company that works closely with its couples to make their wedding story a reality. This has allowed us to have the privilege of being a part of the wedding journeys many couples. These are some of the lessons we’ve learned from our couples while deciding on the wedding cake.

After you’ve made all the major wedding styling decisions, don’t select a cake. Your wedding is a collection of many different elements that tell a story. Your wedding is made up of many elements. You want each element to fit together as a part of the story. The story is built on other elements. In most cases, it is helpful to decide where the wedding will take place, what flowers they will use, and how the styling will be done before designing a cake. We recommend that couples finalize their wedding cakes at least three to six months in advance of their wedding.

You shouldn’t pick a flavor based upon what everyone else likes.

Your wedding is all about you, your love, and sharing that love with your guests. Experiences that last, evoke memories, or create new ones, are created by the use of flavours, textures, aromas, and smells. It doesn’t matter if you follow the trends; choose the flavours that appeal to you. This can range from vanilla with strawberry buttercream and vanilla classics to coconut, lime and tartargon.

Match the cake height and the space.

Your cake should be considered art, not food. When designing your space, it’s important to think about the dimensions. To make an impression, a taller or larger cake might be needed if you are using a marquee or orangery. To achieve this effect, you don’t have to make a larger cake. However, your cake designer may add iced dummy layers to increase the cake’s height without making any changes to its exterior appearance.

Be realistic about your budget.

The design of the cake and the number of portions will determine the cost. It takes skill and time to build a cake. Some elements can take days, sometimes even months to create. It is important to have honest discussions with your cake design team so they can help you decide what would work best.

Think about the finishing touches to the cake.

It’s important to think beyond the cake and consider how you want it presented. What other elements do you want to see in your display? Linen, cake stand, flowers, etc. Discuss with your cake designer how they will collaborate with your florist, planner, stylist and other professionals to ensure that everything is perfect on the big day.

Your cake deserves the spotlight.

Consider the position of the cake. You want it to be in a place that is cohesive and provides the best backdrop for photography. It’s not always easy to find the right balance. Discuss this with your team when designing your event space.